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Thank you for joining me for your MHFA training ....
can I ask you for some help?

As a new business owner, I am focussed on growing my audience reach around Australia (and further afield....). It is clear we all need to talk more about mental health, MHFA training is one way to facilitate this. If you agree and have a few minutes, there are a couple of ways you could help me ...

Don't forget to check out point 4 which highlight a way you could win $50!

1. Talk to you friends and family about your MHFA training

I value and am grateful for your recommendations, 'your people' listen to you and are interested in your experiences. We have courses for everyone - face-to-face; blended or completely online.

2. Follow me on social media

Everyone likes being 'liked'....just saying.....

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3. Give me a Google review

Did you enjoy the course?

Was I a knowledgeable and engaging presenter?

Did you learn something you can apply in life?

Would you mind clicking on the icon below and leaving me a Google review? 

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4. Send me a short recording of you experience to be in with the chance to win $50! will only take 3 mins.


I am making a few user experience videos about the MHFA courses I teach, and I would love you to help out!

Everyone who submits a video will be in with a chance to win $50 voucher. I will make the draw as soon as I have 5 videos ... so 1 in 5 chance of winning ... not bad!

What do you need to do?

  • find a quite spot with a plain background

  • grab you mobile and record your answers to the following questions:

    • what is your first name?​

    • what are you studying?

    • why should students undertake MHFA training?

    • what was your favourite part about the course you undertook with Matt?

    • anything else you want to add...


Please send me your video via WhatsApp (0410387772) or email ( - 3 mins max please.

Thats it - you are done - you will be entered into the draw. The videos will be edited into a final video, and I will get written permission from everyone before using it.

Iphone recording picture
Iphone recording picture
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